Why HeroBuddy

We’re living in a moment of fear and uncertainty. With 161 countries affected, many of which in lockdown, the coronavirus is front and centre in many people’s minds.

This is worrisome for a lot of individuals, especially those at high risk of serious illness from an infection -like the elderly and immunosuppressed people- who are advised to stay at home. For this group of people daily tasks, like shopping for food or getting their medication, have now become a challenge.

Yes, online grocery shopping and prescription delivery exist- but today these services are jammed and almost impossible to book less than a month in advance.

This is why we created HeroBuddy – a platform that connects people that need help with tasks such as grocery shopping with people in the same area that want to help. HeroBuddy is available all over the world in nearly every language and can be used by the individual or a close relative to identify close-by help.

The interaction can happen within the platform using our messaging feature or outside of it, via text message or call. Members can choose to make their phone number visible in their profiles to make it easy for the elderly to connect with them and reach out for help.



If you are a young and healthy individual and don’t know how to help during these turbulent times, please create an account and start connecting with members in need today.

In addition, we ask you to share this with your network, so we can reach as many people as possible. This can only be a useful tool if the world knows about it.

We are aware that this pandemic is affecting the lives of some people more than others and we want to encourage society to work together through this crisis. This is a solution that was created in little time to satisfy the immediate need and we appreciate any suggestions you have on how to make it better and easier to use for the members. Please contact us on twitter @realherobuddy and let’s survive this crisis together.

Join now to help!

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